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Update Post

Our group’s progress towards the campaign is going very well. Everyone has a lot of responsibility, as we all have contrasting schedules and can only meet up occasionally before class.  Only meeting in class once a week also limitsth amount of face to face time we have readily available. That being said, the initiative members … Continue reading Update Post

Privacy Post

There isn’t a place more critically acclaimed for birthing and growing comedians than Saturday Night Live. Watchmojo.com’s video “Top 10 Saturday Night Live Cast Members of All Time, we get their opion on the most influential cast throughout the show’s history. While on the surface, the website seems professional, question emerge about the identity and … Continue reading Privacy Post

Donating in Television

Hello and welcome back. As previously stated, I’m excited to announce our collaborative campaign’s inaugural guest post from TV’s Hidden Gems! While our video detailed the unique ways comedians bring nutrition into the public’s eye, they have created a video detailing how helping the homeless is represent in television. Our campaign’s videos cover several topics … Continue reading Donating in Television

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